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Asian antique appraisal in Atlanta provides Chinese antique appraisal in Atlanta area, it is free online. If you own an antique item or you are the estate saler, we are glad to help. You can request a free picture evaluation, our knowledgeable people will give you a brief report shortly.

If you need to know the value for insurance purposes or similar, or if you want to sell it, you can ask an antique appraiser for an onsite appraisal, the appraiser will have to clarify authenticity first before putting a value on it.   The value of antiques depends on the market demand for specific items, which in turn depends on the supply and demand situation for these. An item’s condition is another factor. Professional appraisers of antique ceramics are more likely to be up-to-date with such information and able to provide a more reliable appraisal for you as they have access to records and databases of past sales, auctions, etc. The hotest perieod was between 2004 -2008. In most of th cases, Chinese antique appraisal is a very difficult work due to unsign mark and reproduction.

Also, we are collecting Chinese antiques as well as other Asian antiques and collectibles. Please take the large size pictures with all degrees (especisly on the bottom)  and email me with a description and a price you would be happy with. We are interested in are vases, bowls, plates, porcelains, cups, paintings, figures, jade, carvings, sculptures, stamps etc.

Key team members:
Combining our team together, there is more than 75 years of research
at Asian and Chinese art crafts, Chinese cultural relics, and Chinese
fine arts. Our team is working on setting up an info system about the
collections /collectors of Chinese and Asian in the US, and then to
tracking the family history to research the cultural exchange and its
inference with in last 4 centuries between North America and China
/Asia. We are proud of our appraisals that, up to date, it has been
reached 98.5% of accuracy at description and true market value.

At meantime, we will help to appraise the value for collectors and
families for whatever purposes they need. If necessary, we will help
or represent our clients to have the collections sold in a reasonable
market prices. If there urgent need for clients, we can buy some of
the items too.

The overall purposes of us are to help clients to identify the items
and then to enrich our researches and info systems.

The first step is to send Antique pictures to: or ( Mark Gu) , and we will response your request shortly.

— By: Dynasty Institute of Sino-America Cultural Exchange


Alpharetta, GA 30022

什么是HUD 房 ?

(By Wang Ting)

什么是HUD homes
(U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development owned

FHA Loan The Federal Housing
担保的贷款,(FHA insured loan),借了FHA
抵押贷款买房,后又因不能按时付款,被贷款公司收回的房是FHA foreclosure,因为是被政府的保险担保的贷款(Federal Housing
backed mortgage
)所以被收回的房叫做HUD homes
(U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development Homes)


a) HUD(U.S
Department of Housing and Urban Development )


竞标时需要买家的社安号(Social Security number), 家庭住址,标价数额,说明是自住或是投资,如果第一次没拿到,买家愿不愿意做后补(back



b) 自住或投资?

HUD Homes上市一个礼拜后在指定的日期开盘看出价。

profit organizations)政府公务员,教师,警察,等进场。

c)  两种HUD homes:
有保障的( insured )和没保障的(

),对于自住的买家在15天的验房期内,如发现大的问题,可以退出合同,压金全额退还;如果是后者( uninsured),因房况悔约,即使在15天的验房期内,买家也只能得到半数压金的退款。

买房是为了投资不是自住,不管是前种或是后者( insured ) (uninsured),如果中途撤出,押金全部没收。

所以说,如果要进场买HUD homes,要非常,非常的小心。。。

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